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Tips for using colours when posting news

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Within FamilyNewsNow you have a palette of four colours to choose from when posting news. You can check the FAQ page and videos for more tips on posting news and the different types of messages. In this blog I want to share some different ways that you could use those colour options effectively, depending on your circumstances, and those of your loved one.

More than one family member posting to the Display …

When there are multiple family members using the application (which is great!), it may be useful to allocate a particular colour to each household/login so that your loved one can help distinguish the messages from each household.

In the example here we’ve given Jack and Lily the blue, Bob and Jane the pink, and Nancy the green colours. If they make sure to continue to use those colours for their posts and their photo captions, it will help their loved one recognise who is posting more easily.

Or colour code your messages …

Another way to use the colour palette effectively is to colour code your messages. In the example below, health & wellbeing messages are coloured blue, social messages are in pink and important reminders are in black. But the choice is yours – or better still, your loved one’s. Why not discuss it with them and see what they prefer?

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