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So, what are you doing now?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We’ve each been asked this question by friends and colleagues … and we each answer it in different ways. In the old life we had a lot in common having worked together over many years developing an aviation consultancy practice. As we think about this new venture, the common denominator is that, having been touched by consequences of Dementia or cared for elderly relatives suffering memory loss and anxiety, we know that what we are doing with FamilyNewsNow has real value and meaning.

Mike: “I’m bringing to market a practical tool to help families support loved ones when they are feeling isolated and insecure. I’ve seen for myself the positive impact this tool can have with both my late mother-in-law and my mum. It helped not only in terms of their feelings of well-being, but also as an aid to communication and conversation for day-to-day carers and visitors.”

Andrea: “I’m helping raise awareness of a great new service that puts older iPads and tablets to good use as a curated ‘digital corkboard’ for the elderly. Its strength is in its simplicity and it's low cost, which sets it apart from other digital memory or communication aids out there.”

Nick: “I’m providing the technical know-how that delivers reminders, messages and photos onto the Family Display of a loved one, helping keep families connected, even when face-to-face contact is not possible.”

The idea for FamilyNewsNow, and the early prototypes, came about in an era when Flu was the most feared pandemic for the elderly. Today, in a world reeling from the impacts of COVID-19, FamilyNewsNow has the potential to change even more lives for the better. So, what are you doing now?

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